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On Wednesday mornings, once a fortnight, we meet at 11:30 (unless otherwise stated) for a journal club. The location for each meeting will be announced beforehand.

Normally each speaker critically dissects a refereed research paper, or sometimes closely linked papers. Each paper presentation should be 30 minutes long, followed by discussion. The papers can be anything published in the last year in astrophysics, related science and relevant to astronomy.

We encourage MSSL astronomers and astrophysicists to register in the schedule of talks below. Please contact CJS2 to choose a date, or for other JC queries.

Calendar 2010
Date Title Speaker
10 Feb
Ariel Hs
Which galaxies host bars and disks? A study of the Coma cluster
(Mendez-Abreu et al. 2010, ApJL arXiv:1002.0583
The population of barred galaxies in the local universe
(Aguerri et al. 2009, A&A 495, 491)
Curtis Saxton
24 Feb
Ariel Hs
(internal astro jamboree)
Ignacio Ferreras
Jason Rawlings
Missagh Mehdipour
Daisuke Kawata
10 Mar
[postponed for Elizabeth Spreadbury Lecture 2010 in London]

17 Mar
ν Meet Rm
Second Genaration Planets
(Perets 2010, ApJ submitted arXiv:1001.0581)
Kinwah Wu
24 Mar
Ariel Hs
Orbital parameters of extrasolar planets derived from polarimetry
(fluri & Berdyugina 2010, arXiv:1001.3091)
Ziri Younsi
07 Apr
Ariel Hs
The first galaxies: Chemical enrichment, mixing and star formation
(Greif et al. arXiv:1003.0472)
Ignacio Ferreras
21 Apr
Ariel Hs
The Long-Lost Siblings of the Sun
(Portegies Zwart 2009, Sci.Am 301, 40–47; also via Nature)
Dave Vande Putte
05 May
Extremely energetic Fermi gamma-ray bursts obey spectral energy correlations
(Amati et al. 2009, A&A 508, 173)
The Ep,iEiso correlation and Fermi Gamma-Ray Bursts
(Amati 2009 “The Shocking Universe—”, arXiv:1002.2232)
Sam Oates
21 May
Non-homogeneities in the spatial distribution of gamma-ray bursts
(A.A. Raikov, V.V. Orlov, O.B. Beketov, arXiv:1001.4592)
Vladimir Yershov
02 Jun
ν Meet Rm
“Comets” orbiting a black hole
(R. Maiolino et al. 2010, A&A accepted, arXiv:1005.3365)
Neil Johnson
16 Jun
ν Meet Rm
The formation of disk galaxies in computer simulations
(Mayer et al. 2008, ASL 1, 7; arXiv:0801.3845)
Awat Rahimi
30 Jun
ν Meet Rm
Variability of the H-beta line profiles as an indicator of orbiting bright spots in accretion disks of quasars: a case study of 3C 390.3
(Jovanovic et al. 2010, ApJ accepted, arXiv:1005.5039)
Missagh Mehdipour
14 Jul
Ariel Hs
The Primordial Origin Model of Magnetic Fields in Spiral Galaxies
(Sofue et al. 2010, PASJ accepted; arXiv:1006.5250)
Phyllis Yen
28 Jul
UHECRs from magnetic reconnection in relativistic jets
(Giannios et al. 2010, MNRAS submitted, arXiv:1007.1522)
Xinyu Li
11 Aug
ν Meet Rm
Probing Fundamental Constant Evolution with Redshifted Conjugate-Satellite OH lines
(Kanekar et al. 2010, ApJ 716, L23; arXiv:1004.5383)
Jennifer Chan
08 Sep
ν Meet Rm
Faraday Rotation Measure due to the Intergalactic Magnetic Field
(Akahori & Ryu 2010, ApJ in press, arXiv:1009.0570)
Kinwah Wu
22 Sep
ν Meet Rm
The non-causal origin of the black hole-galaxy scaling relations
( Jahnke & Maccio 2010, ApJL, arXiv:1006.0482)
Curtis Saxton
06 Oct
ν Meet Rm
Effects of supernova feedback on the formation of galaxy discs
(Sannapieco et al. 2008, MNRAS 389, 1137; arXiv:0804.3795)
Awat Rahimi
20 Oct
ν Meet Rm
The two phases of galaxy formation
(Oser et al. 2010, arXiv:1010.1381)
Ignacio Ferreras
24 Nov
ν Meet Rm
Spectroscopic confirmation of a galaxy at redshift z~8.6
(Lehnert et al, Nature 467, 940; arXiv:10104312)
HerMES: SPIRE Emission from Radio Selected AGN
(Seymour et al 2011)
Mikako Matsuura
Myrto Symeonidis
15 Dec
Ariel Hs
Rapid TeV variability in Blazars: Proton-Synchrotron Radiation of blobs produced at by Jet-Star Interaction
(Barkov et al. 2010, Phys Rev D, arXiv:1012.1787)
Ziri Younsi

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