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Space Plasma Physics and Planetary Science Group 
Publications in 2000


Bauer, T.M., Dunlop, M.W., Sonnerup, B.U.O., Sckopke, N., FAZAKERLEY, A.N. & Khabrov, A.V., Dual spacecraft determinations of magnetopause motion, Geophys. Res. Letts., 27, 1835-1838, 2000.

MEREDITH, N.P.,  Horne, R.B., JOHNSTONE, A.D. & Anderson, R.R., The temporal evolution of injected electron distributions and associated wave activity following substorm injections in the inner magnetosphere, J. Geophys. Res., 105, 12,907-12,917, 2000.

Schwartz, S.J., Paschmann, G., Sckopke, N., Bauer, T.M., Dunlop, M., FAZAKERLEY, A.N. & Thomsen, M.F., Conditions for the formation of hot flow anomalies at the Earth's bow shock, J. Geophys. Res., 105, 12,639-12,650, 2000.

Schwartz, S.J., Paschmann, G., Sckopke, N., Bauer, T.M., Dunlop, M., FAZAKERLEY, A.N. & Thomsen, M.F., Heat flow anomalies revisited, Int J. Geomagn. Aeron., 2, Issue 1, 2000.

TOPLISS, S.M., OWEN, C.J. & Peterson, W., A Simple Model of Complex Cusp Ion Dispersions During Intervals of Northward Interplanetary  Magnetic Field, Geophys. Res. Lett., 27, 3587-3590, 2000. 


COATES, A.J., Cassini's exciting data on Earth's magnetic field, Frontiers (PPARC) issue 6, p7, Spring 2000.

COATES, A.J. & Bentley, R.D., Effects of space weather on commercial aircraft to be studied, Frontiers (PPARC), issue 9, p6-7, winter 2000.

Degtjarev, V.I., Popov, G.V. & JOHNSTONE, A.D., Solar wind control of spacecraft charging conditions in geostationary orbit during magnetic storms, Adv. Space Res., 26(1), 37-40, 2000.

MEREDITH N.P., JOHNSTONE A.D., SZITA S., Horne R.B. & Anderson R.R., An investigation into the roles of ECH and whistler mode waves in the formation of pancake electron distributions using data from the CRRES satellite, Adv. Space Res., 25, 12, 2339, 2000

Sims, M.R., Pillinger, C.T., Wright, I.P., Morgan, G., Praine, I.J., Fraser, G., Pullan, D., Whitehead, S., Dowson, J., Wells, A., Richter, L., Kochan, H., Hamacher, H., GRIFFITHS, A., COATES, A.J., Peskett, S., Brack, A., Clemmett, J., Slade, R., Phillips, N., Berry, C., Senior, A., Zarnecki, J., Towner, M., Leese, M., Zent, A., Thomas, N., Josset, J.L.,  Klingelhofer, G.,  van Duijn, P. and Sims, G., Instrumentation on Beagle 2: the astro-biology lander on ESA's 2003 Mars Express mission, SPIE Proceedings, 4137, 36-47, Instruments Methods and Missions for Astrobiology III, Richard B. Hoover Ed., 2000.


TOPLISS, S., Particle features at the equatorward edge of the cusp, PhD thesis, 2000.

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17th May 2006
Nigel Meredith and Yulia V. Bogdanova


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