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Space Plasma Physics and Planetary Science Group 
Publications in 1996


Bothmer, V., Desai, M.I., Marsden, R.G., Sanderson, T.R., TRATTNER, K.J., Wenzel, K.P., Gosling, J.T., Balogh, A., Forsyth, R.J. & Goldstein, B.E., Ulysses observations of open and closed magnetic field lines within a coronal mass ejection, Astron. & Astrophys., 316, 493-498, 1996.

COATES, A.J., JOHNSTONE, A.D. & Neubauer, F.M., Cometary ion pressure anisotropies at comets Halley and Grigg-Skjellerup, J. Geophys. Res., 101, No. A12, 27,573-27,583, 1996.

Israelevich, P.L. Ershkovich, A.I., Neubauer, F.M. & COATES, A.J., Magnetic field structure in the comet Grigg-Skjellerup pileup region, J.Geophys.Res., 101, 11,125-11,131, 1996.

JOHNSTONE, A.D., KRAUKLIS, I. Huddleston, D.E., Soding, A., Glassmeier, K.H. & Neubauer, F.M., Upstream and downstream propagating waves generated by pickup ions in the neighbourhood of comet Halley, J. Geophys. Res., 101, No. A10, 21,627-21,637, 1996.

RODGERS, D.J., A new empirical electron model, in Radiation belts models and standards, Geophysical Monograph 97, Eds. J. Lemaire, D. Heynderickx & D.N. Baker, 103-107, 1996.

RODGERS, D.J., Empirical radiation belt models; report of discussion group B, in Radiation belts models and standards, Geophysical Monograph 97, Eds. J. Lemaire, D. Heynderickx & D.N. Baker, 147-148, 1996.

Soding, A., Glassmeier, K-H., JOHNSTONE, A. & Neubauer, F.M., Pick-up ions and associated wave energy transport at Comet P/Halley: A case study, Geophys. Res. Let., 24, 305-308, 1997. TRATTNER, K.J., Marsden, R.G., Bothmer, V., Sanderson, T.R., Wenzel, K-P, Klecker, B. & Hovestadt, D., Ulysses COSPIN/LET: latitudinal gradients of anomalous cosmic ray O, N and Ne, Astron. & Astrophys., 316, 519-527, 1996.


JOHNSTONE, A.D., SZITA, S., FLOWERS, N.J. & MEREDITH, N.P., Observations of particle injection from CRRES, in Proc. Third Int. Conf. on Substorms (ICS-3), Versailles, France, 12-17 May, 1996, SP-389, 467-471, 1996. 

JOHNSTONE, A.D., Availability of radiation belt data and the need for new sources, in Radiation belts models and standards, AGU Geophysical Monograph 97, Eds. J. Lemaire, D. Heynderickx and D.N. Baker, 203-209, 1996.

Young, D.T., Barraclough, B.L., Berthelier, J.J., Blane, M., Burch, J.L., COATES, A.J., Goldstein, R., Grande, M., Hill, T.W., Illiano, J.M., Johnson, M.A., Johnson, R.E., Baragiola, R.A., Kelha, V., LINDER, D., McComas, D.J., Narheim, B.T., Nordholt, J.E., Preece, A., Sittler, E.C., Svenes, K.R., Szalai, S., Szego, K., Tanskanen, P. & Viherkanto, K., Cassini/Huygens: A Mission to the Saturnian Systems, in SPIE - The Int. Soc. for Optical Engineering, Denver, Colorado, 5-6 August 1996, 2803, 118-128, 1996.

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17th May 2006
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