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Space Plasma Physics and Planetary Science Group 
Publications in 1997


COATES, A.J., Mazelle, C. & Neubauer, F.M., Bow shock analysis at comets Halley and Grigg-Skjellerup, J. Geophys. Res., 102 , 7105-7113, 1997.

Fuselier, S.A., Shelley, E.G., Peterson, W.K., Lennartsson, O.W., Collin, H.L., Drake J.F., Ghielmetti, A.G., Balsiger, H., Burch, J.L. & JOHNSTONE, A.D., Bifurcated cusp ion signatures : Evidence for re-reconnection?, Geophys. Res. Let., 24, 1471-1474, 1997.

JOHNSTONE, A.D., ALSOP, C., Burge, S., CARTER, P.J., COATES, A.J., COKER, A.J. FAZAKERLEY, A.N., Grande, M., GOWEN, R.A., Gurgiolo, C., HANCOCK, B.K., Narheim, B., Preece, A., SHEATHER, P.H. Winningham, J.D. & WOODLIFFE, R.D., PEACE: a plasma electron and current experiment, Space Sci. Rev., 79, 351-398, 1997.

Kirsch, E., Daly, P.W., McKenna-Lawlor, S., Neubauer, F.M. & COATES, A.J., Observation of interplanetary particles in a corotating interaction region and of energetic water group ions from comet Grigg-Skjellerup, Planet. Space Sci., 45, 1105-1117, 1997.

TRATTNER, K.J., Marsden, R.G. & Sanderson, T.R., The Ulysses north polar pass: Latitudinal gradients of anomalous cosmic ray O, N and Ne, Geophys. Res. Let., 24, 1719-1722, 1997.


COATES, A.J., Destination Saturn, Astronomy Now, October 1997 O, 41-44, 1997.

COATES, A.J., Setting off for Saturn, Astronomy and Geophysics, 38, 19-21, 1997.

COATES, A.J., Ionospheres and magnetospheres of comets, Adv. Space Res., 20, 255-266, 1997.

FLOWERS, N., Striking the solar shockwave, New Scientist, 153, 38-42, 1997.

JAMES, A.M., What went wrong with Mars-96?, Astronomy and Geophysics, 38, 4-4, 1997.

JONES, G.H. & COATES, A.J., Observations of structures within the Grigg-Skjellerup cometosheath, Adv. Space Res., 20, 271-274, 1997.

Mazelle, C., Cao, J.B., Belmont, G., Neubauer, F.M. & COATES, A.J., Compressive character of low frequency waves driven by newborn ions at comet Grigg-Skjellerup, Adv Space Res, 20 no 2, 267-270, 1997.

Popov, G.V., Degtarev, V.I., Sheshukov, S.S. & JOHNSTONE, A.D., Influence of geostationary spacecraft charging on measurements of low energy (0.05-20 keV) electron spectra, Adv. Space Res., 20, 449-452, 1997.

Shelley, E.G., Balsiger, H., Burch, J.L., Carlson, C.W., Collin, H.L., Drake, J.F., Geiss, J., Ghielmetta, A.G., JOHNSTONE, A.D., Lennartsson, O.W., Paschmann, G., Peterson, W.K., Rosenbauer, H., WALTON, D.M., Whalen, B.A. & Young, D.T., Initial TIMAS observations of ion conic heating in the cusp, Adv. Space Res., 20, 841-844, 1997.

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17th May 2006
Yulia V. Bogdanova


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