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Double Loop is my blog concerned with academic teaching, e-learning and associated new media developments, and the application of emerging and existing tools to the management of innovative technology development.

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The Group is concerned with the development, management and exploitation of technology within an enterprise context, and carries out reseach, teaching and consultancy in relevant areas. It also supports, by applying this knowledge, projects and activities in MSSL, other UCL departments, associated institutions and partner companies.

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MCP detectors, using the MSSL SPAN imaging readout



SOHO logo

Filament Dumps, Detector flat field, gain depression


Sketch of PHD

Yohkoh/BCS and Coronas-F/ReSIK

These spectroscopic instruments both use the same type of Proportional Counter detectors on ongoing ISAS (Japan) and IZMIRAN (Russia) solar physics missions.
Mission/Instrument sites: Yohkoh@ISAS
(OK), Yohkoh@LMSAL(better!) Coronas-F@IZMIRAN







Development using solid-state (CZT) gamma ray detectors for an ESA Cometary Probe


Some Results

Rosetta Thermal Vac



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