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Welcome to the MSSL cleanroom facility. The MSSL cleanroom is a ISO 14644 Class 5 (U.S Fed-Std 209D Class 100) validated facility. Typical activities taking place within the cleanroom facility are:

  • Assembly, test and integration of spacecraft components, instruments and structures
  • Test & verification of Moments of Inertia (MOI) and centre of gravity of flight hardware
  • Assembly, alignment, test and integration of optical components and structures in our dark cleanroom

In addition to the above the cleanroom also provides facilities for:

  • Vacuum bakeout of flight hardware utilising residual gas analysis (RGA) and TQCM's to determine outgassing rates of flight components and instrumentation
  • Coating of substrates using Edwards Sputter Coater (thin film deposition)
  • Laser manufacture of high precision small components
  • CCD verification and test using dedicated CCD vacuum test chambers
  • Mass property measurements and dimensional control of flight hardware
  • Dry storage (Nitrogen purged) for CCD's,MCP's and Space flight instruments

The main purpose of this site is to inform M.S.S.L cleanroom users and visitors, of activities taking place within the cleanroom and as a guide to the procedures and protocols used in the cleanroom. It is recommended that all cleanroom user's and guests read:

  • The procedures section, which will have up to date information on any procedure/protocols and any changes to these
  • The MSSL only database section, which will have:
    • up to date information on contamination issues and resolutions, including:
      • Outgassing databases and material data sheets
      • Links to NASA TIPS documents
      • A small list of RGA technology
      • A collection of both NASA and ESA standards (pdf format)
    • project contamination control data, which will include:
      • Project SAW data
      • Project TQCM results
      • Micro VCM test results
      • RGA data
      • Particle fallout data
  • Various contamination control documents
  • external resourses that may be of interest

A pdf document can be downloaded here listing the MSSL cleanroom specifications





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